Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Final Post.

Well with every senior from the class of 2014 at South Plantation High officially out of school, that would have to include us here on Solar Team Finance. Its been a remarkable run and have so many of you to thank including our sponsors and business partners who have been able to make so much of what we do possible. This will be our final blog on this page stating our leave as well as announcing that next year's Solar Knight Seniors will take our place. To continue what we had accomplished this year with our Solar Car's "Solar Knight 3" and "Solar Templar 1." Thank you everyone who followed for all your support and have any final interest of asking questions on Solar Knights' future Email me at sphsengineeringeric@gmail.com so I can provide you with answers. Its been a big year for the Solar Knights and now we leave our legacy to the class of 2015 to make it bigger. Team finance class of 2014 over and out.

-Eric Hernandez & Camilo Quintero

Monday, May 12, 2014

Goals of the week for 5/12

Well so far we are winding down from this year since today marks our countdown to our final days at South. Officially ending May 22nd next Thursday as last exam day for seniors. Well our robots have been reveled close to their final stages and we can see that a 150 lb block of cement with a motor sorta made its own "Uber" tier. Sometime this week finance is going to pay a visit to Edco about the plaque.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Hello Edco? Tertrics part famine- 5/9/14

Well we haven't heard from edco respond to our email about a tax reduction or cut but other than that we have the plaque of choice and just need to add a logo to finalize our order. We are both planing to stop by there later in person at Edco off 441. While robot building is getting rougher since parts are becoming scarce and we stripped apart most of the old robots by now.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Robots and Plaques-5/5/14

This week Team finance has parted their seperate ways still in robot tug of war competitiveness. We have gotten together choosing what plaque we plan on ordering for one of our own Templar sponsors this year. Mainly robots are getting built from scavenged parts and the building over is going well. Despite the evil genus plans we predict Fernando's robot will hold.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Flux Schooling 101 4/25/14

What have we accomplished this week...? Well considering we have been out of our classroom for 2 days this week, playing flux and learning to lose ugly all week pretty much sums it up. Not to mention the Tuesday we had off on top of being evicted from HQ. What I learned this week however is a lifelong lesson. "NEVER PLAY WITH JASON IN FLUX. EVER"- Eric Hernandez You all have been warned.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Week of 4/18/14

We just made it out of senior symposium with our smooth presentations and feel really confident overall. Although ranting is required to Kinkos/FedEx office, or what every they want to call it anymore, on the price to print 1 POWERPOINT PAGE. Wtf Kinkos, not cool at all. Its still gonna be ok though since being 70 bucks in debt isn't so bad questionably knowing if you get a medal for doing a project #Magentkidprobs
Le board de Finance:Solar Templah! (Startting Price for sale:$70.01)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Overtime. Week of 4/14 accomplishments

  • Got 6 of our 12 volt 55 amp batteries in today from Grubber Power Services(GPS)
  • Spoke with Ashwin of Grubber power to talk and discuss potential sponsorship
  • Started collecting all  records of all our financial accomplishments this year
         Symposium approaches!(April 25th)